Digital Elements (Drip #3) is a reworked version of the previous rendition. In this version, the 11 solenoids that drip the water are built into a sturdy structure, the 11 LEDs have been removed to simplify and speed up code, and users are able to interact with the piece via and Ipad app. The piece uses one Arduino Mega and an Xbee Transmitter to receive data from Max MSP.
Digital Elements (Drip#2) was my final for the second semester of Electronic Projects at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The piece consists of one Arduino Mega running 11 valve solenoids and one Arduino Mega running 11 LED lights. When a solenoid releases a drop of water, the LED next to it strobes for a brief period of time. The 11 solenoids drip in various sequences. Plastic water bottles act as the source of water for the solenoids. A contact mic on the container below catches the sound of the water dripping. The audio is run through Ableton Live with various effects. Conceptually the piece deals with the relationship between the nature and digital worlds, as well as the way water is used in our world. There is limited amount of water that feeds the installation; it will not run forever. There are a finite amount of resources on the planet.