Root: An Immersive Media Film


During the 2015 Spring semester at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, students explored the topic of hypnagogia. In less than 5 months these students collaborated on all aspects of storytelling, concept development, surround sound design, and 4k fulldome production to create an immersive experience which explores the moment in between dreams and consciousness. This show is being freely distributed to planetariums. More info available: CREDITS Students: Corinne Perreault, Katherine McGrath, Caleb Chase, Michael Degregorio, Michael Dunne, Emily Shapiro, John Steiner, Shannon Whalen, Molly Rennie, Sara Neary, Dan Callahan, Gabriel Golbfarb Professor: Eric Freeman Teaching Assistant: Cole Wuilleumier Advisor: Nita Sturiale Special Thanks: Jason Fletcher, Toshi Hoo